Modbus RTU (Slave) Add-On
to integrate with RS-485 industrial control systems

Patent Pending
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key features of the add-on
- Connected like a sensor, behind the base unit
- Surge protection on the RS-485 data line
- 3000 VDC Isolation protection
- Operates as a Modbus RTU Slave
- One RS485 bus
- 1 Device IN and 1 Device OUT terminal block.
- 0U rack mountable
- DIN Rail mountable with optional DIN Clips
- Made in Europe
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How it works
RTU Addon with SensorHub infographic

The add-on connects to the Sensorgateway (base unit) like any regular sensor and as shown above. It gathers the data from all connected sensors and then transmits it over RS-485 to a Modbus RTU master control system. The add-on acts as a Modbus RTU slave device and can be daisy chained with other 3rd party sensors (on the IN teminal block). From the OUT terminal block it goes into the ICS system.

The Sensorgateway can transmit data over the IP network (SNMP/Modbus TCP/XML/JSON) and at the same time make the sensor data available to an industrial control system.